And what a time it was!  Jack and Lois Easterling were our gracious hosts, opening their home and hearts to 60th Company at the eleventh reunion.  From a luxurious log cabin to the top of the Arch to the homes of Budweiser and the Cardinals,  it was a fine four days in April and May.

Photos are starting to come in,  so check back to see what we've added.  Here's a start, a slide show from Amy and Wayne Kanemoto - who will be the hosts for the next reunion in Hawai'i.

Bob Harper Memorial.  The intersection of business route 60 and Thorn Run Road in Moon Township, PA is the Robert E. Harper Interchange.  We've been there.  Read all about it. 

Speaking of Photos ...  We've uploaded some of the old B&Ws to Web albums.  There are links on the Photos page.  Try not to get too nostalgic.

Making History - Again.  The tenth OC2-70 reunion was held September 18-22, 2013 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Our Vietnam-era vets slipped back into the 18th century in the colonial capital, where the United States was born.  Think we're kidding?  Take a look.

Can't stop hiking.  Follow CJ Spence and his intrepid band as they hiked into and out of the Grand Canyon in March 2011.  Read CJ's narrative; view the photos.  Tom Corrigan completed his trek of the Appalachian Trail, 2200 miles up the spine of the eastern US from Georgia to Maine.  He's talking about taking on the Colorado Trail in the summer of 2015. 

The Honorable OC2-70 Politicos.  Jim Baird in in his third term representing the 44th District  in the Indiana House of Representatives.  David Wilson serves on the City Council of Kyle Texas.  And Don Sims is a Councilman in Thomasville, GA. 

Here's a portrait from the Chicago reunion in 2010.  Want to relive all the reunions?  Click here.

The roster is being updated with contact information.  We've added the roster to the Web site (you'll need a password to view or download it), and we'll do our best to keep it current.  Help us out by making sure we have your correct address, phone and e-mail. 

Send us your news items, photos - anything you want to share with your classmates and the world.

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60th Company was part of The Candidate Brigade at the US Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, GA.  The members of the company came together from all over the country.  We were college grads, draftees, enlisted men, from all walks of life, serving at a time when the military was an obligation, not a choice.  We were commissioned on January 23, 1970, the second infantry officer class of the 70's.  Many of the members of the class went to Vietnam.  Some made careers in the Army; others did their two years and went on to resume civilian lives.  All served with distinction and honor.  For the most part, we lost contact.

Thirty years later, through the efforts of C.J. Spence and others, the members of OC2-70 were reconnected.  This web site is one result - a way of staying in touch.  This is not a place for reliving past glories.  Don't look for political commentary or strategic analyses. It is a place for restoring friendships, finding memories, and perhaps reflecting on the value of an officer's education. 

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