Oh Savannah! 

Springtime found OC 2-70 gathering in that Low Country jewel. Colonial history, Southern charm, Civil War monuments and some of the best eating this side of the Mississippi. Shifting away from the traditional Thu-Fri-Sat of past reunions, we stayed thru Monday. Reunion Central was The Marshall House, a pre-civil war hotel converted to hospital use by the Yankees! After the war, it housed floods of investors and carpetbaggers, and was host and home to a variety of notables, including William Tecumseh Sherman and Joel Chandler Harris, the author of Uncle Remus stories. We all made great use of the full length cast iron balcony that faced the street, even though we had to climb thru bedroom windows for access. As guys and gals checked in, they were pleased to find a 60th Company Guidon prominently displayed at the front desk. As each officer arrived, he was presented with a signed copy of Paula Deen's cookbook, courtesy of Bill and Janet Music.

Early arrivals on Wednesday and Thursday found plenty to do and see in the relaxing, down home atmosphere of Savannah. Friday morning kicked off for golfers at the Crosswinds course, aptly named for adding strokes to what otherwise would have been sub-par scores. Non-golfers had all day to explore the sights and venues, like family dining at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, checking out dolphins on the River Cruise, or enjoying the historical wonders on the Architectural and Home Tours. Many sampled Uncle Bubba's Low Country fare that evening, and 48 brave souls ventured aboard eight open-topped hearses for the Ghost Tour

Saturday was a big day, starting with the City Tour on trolleys, that introduced all to the history of Savannah from Oglethorpe to the Garden of Good and EvShack. A 15 minute ride later, we disembarked at Fort Pulaski, one of the mil. We continued after the tour out to Tybee Island for a memorable lunch at the Crab any coastal forts built prior to the Civil War. Its architecture, history and charm impressed us all and the Park Service Rangers did an outstanding job. Their explanations and performances of both rifle and cannon drills and the firing demonstrations were impressive. We finally arrived back at The Marshall House where all the OC's were presented with Challenge Coins for future use, courtesy of Kurt Martin.

Sunday morning offered another round of golf, this one at the Stonebridge Club. Brunch at Paula Deen's cut short some beauty sleep, but 25+ were able to enjoy this venue, thanks to the organizing efforts of Tom and Paula Dewey. The afternoon was open for individual interests. The "formal" evening kicked off with a cocktail hour in the '45 Bistro' lounge. Sandy, the owner, graciously opened his bar and restaurant for our exclusive use that night. Invocation and toasts were followed by a wonderful meal. The Guidon was adorned with individual streamers representing each of our previous six reunions. Mike and Terri, our Savannah host and hostess, added the seventh streamer. After some discussion, Al and Doris Perez enthusiastically accepted the challenge to host Reunion VIII in Chicago in the fall of 2010.

On Monday we stacked arms, and departed for home.

Special thanks to Music, Corrigan, Debesis, Linn, Storbeck and Callahan for helping Terri flawlessly execute the plan on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. 

Mike Vogelsang 



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OC2-70 Reunion VII