Celebrating Bob Harper.  On New Year's Eve 2014, some of us gathered in Coraopolis, PA to celebrate with Barb Harper and her family.  A highlight of the visit was a photo op at the highway interchange named in his honor.  Read the bill from the Pennsylvania legislature that established the memorial.

FLASH!  Bill Music sends the following dispatch from New Mexico:

"For many years scientists have believed that the center of the universe is billions of light years from Earth.  However, due to a recent discovery, we now know that it is much closer than that.  Click here to see evidence of this exciting discovery."

They did it!  Jim Cornwell, John Gidmark, Ron Linn & CJ Spence ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington on 10/31/04.  Check the sports pages for all the results.

REMEMBER THE FITZOn October 14, 2000, the "Antique Eltees" ran in the Edmund Fitzgerald Ultramarathon, on the north shore of Lake Superior at Duluth, MN.  The 8-man relay team finished the 105-kilometer course in under 10 hours, and we all survived.  Five and a half years later, we got around to writing the song.  Check it out. 

By the way, the Fitz is gone.  Died in 2007.  Guess they just couldn't hack it...