This is the page for general photos, including some pix from our Benning days.  For more photos, see the NEWS and REUNIONS sections.

Here are some albums recovered from old negatives.  Sorry about the spots.  Click on the photo to go to the site.  Feel free to leave comments, especially if you can put names to the faces.

Benning - field
Benning - Barracks
Benning - Organization Day

Squinting? Getting old, are we? Click on a picture for a better view.

Mr. Paperwork at work Footlocker drill Mill around ...  Iron Mike and friends The ultimate weapon The Chorus
Warrior Don Pogey break pugil sticks more pugil sticks river crossing in the river victory! footlocker drill spud home sweet home psychological operations lunch

Thanks to Mike Vogelsang for the first two below, including the Blue Day parade.   From Bob Harper, a truly strange portrait of some of the fourth platoon.  Any idea why these guys were in the shower? 

Blue Day Under the wire shower.JPG (52014 bytes)



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